Turnkey solution

Turnkey SOlution

From the desk of : Narendra Kasliwal, Project Developer


Definition of Turnkey Solution Provider

Turnkey is often used to describe a home built on the client's land with the client's financing ready for the customer to move in. If a contractor builds a "turnkey home", they frame the structure and finish the interiors as well as exteriors @ agreed rates, terms & conditions etc.. Everything is completed down to the cabinets and carpet. "Turnkey" is commonly used in the construction industry, for instance, in which it refers to the bundling of materials and labor by sub-contractors.

Below is a list of capabilities and services that Nisha Creatives can perform and provide for any construction project:


  • New construction
  • Renovations & remodeling
  • Historical restorations & rehabilitation projects
  • Additions / alterations
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Kitchens and baths
Turnkey solutions reaching your hand


  • Pre-construction services
  • Cost Evaluation & Recommendations
  • Design Ideas & construction feasibility
  • Construction Management
  • Job Costing & project reporting
Power Of Decisions

Green Building Concepts

We are committed to follow the norms as laid down by Indian Green Building Council.

Solar Lighting Solutions

We are committed to bring changes in people's thought towards adoptability of solar energy so as to remain on Green concept & to combat electricity problems.
Solar Lighting Solutions Solar Lighting Solutions
Turnkey Building

The Turnkey Building Method - Home Building Made Easy Since 2009!

Since 2009, our family has been building quality homes affordably, on budget, and on time! has built a reputation on integrity, safety, quality, and customer service.

We have extensive experience in new home construction, remodeling, commercial, government, and even multi-housing projects. For the last 3 years, both first time home builders and seasoned real estate veterans have trusted us to bring their building projects to life. Our clients range from Small businesses to Large business groups, Govt.officers, Officers of Corporates, Banks & Institutions etc.

We take care of everything. We work with many different architects and are familiar with various methods of building construction. We hire and deal with all sub contractors and material suppliers. We work with determination to insure your home will be built as planned and to building code specifications. Our turnkey building method is simple, we take care of everything for you!

The Turnkey Home Savings Program - save Rs. Thousands & even in Lacs in 30 minutes!

Thirty minutes could very easily save you at least Thousands of Rupees.
Before spending ANY money on plans and drawings, spend 30 minutes talking with us. Higher material costs along with material shortages mean it's more important than ever to meet with your builder first. Don't invest in land, plans, or drawings before discussing your project with a competent, unbiased Builder. Because we have the experience, knowledge, and unique capability to build homes using a wider variety of building techniques than most other builders - we can suggest ways to build your dream home without breaking your budget!

Turnkey Construction is not a national home building conglomerate. We work with a variety of architects, realtors, and lending institutions, and use a variety of building methods. Because we are an independent builder, you will always get our honest, unbiased opinion concerning your building project. Our clients have been able to build the home of their dreams while enjoying savings of thousands of Rupees!
Turnkey Peace

The Turnkey Peace of Mind Policy!

We have always viewed every home project we have built as something much more than just a house. It's a home. A place to find comfort, peace, celebrate birthdays and holidays, grow a family, enjoy retirement, admire the seasons, and a place that is uniquely for you. It's your home!

You can rest assured that we will take care of everything. Our success in negotiating the best prices in all areas of the construction mean added savings for you. Because we always pay our employees, vendors, sub contractors, and material suppliers on time, the very best craftsman, electricians, woodworkers, stone layers, etc. are always anxious to work along with us. They ALWAYS show up and our projects get done on time!

Concerned about building your new home in Jaipur while still living in another state? Don't worry! We have had many clients in the same position. We'll keep you informed every step of the way. We'll even keep you updated on your project online!
Turnkey Construction

Make your first call be to Turnkey Construction!

Turnkey Construction strives to make building your home an enjoyable and stress free experience. We want to make it as easy as possible by guiding you through each step of the way. Get to know us by having an initial, no obligation meeting to discuss your ideas.

Communication between the builder and his client is a key tool to understanding the processes you are about to encounter. This is the perfect time to ask all those questions that can only be answered by a knowledgeable builder. In turn, we will ask you many questions about your ideas and expectations of your new home.

Whether this is your first building project or just one of many, we hope to earn your business. Make your first step in your home building adventure by making a phone call to Nisha Creatives at 9829421212. We truly look forward to helping you build the home of your dreams.


We stay current on the latest sustainable construction technologies and incorporate these into our design and construction philosophy where feasible and desired by the client.

Tenant finish / remodel
Tenant finish / remodel Whether you are moving into a new office, or just need a new look for your old space, Nisha Creatives can effectively manage your tenant finish or remodel project. If you are a small business on a budget, we specialize in value engineering to get the most benefit at a reasonable cost.

If your project requires a little more panache, Nisha Creatives has the skills and experience to build a world class facility for your corporate offices, retails showroom, or dream restaurant.

New construction New construction
Whether you require a new facility, or just need to add space to your existing building, Nisha Creatives can build almost any type of facility.

We have experience with all construction types, including metal buildings, concrete tilt-up, masonry, wood framing, and pre-cast structures.
We handle all phases of ground up construction, from site development and approval, to utilities, parking, and landscaping.

Design Building From concept to completion, we have the in-house skills and outside relationships to bring your project from an idea to reality.

Our Key Personnels are giving us a unique insight into the design process. As a design-build contractor, we have the ability to manage both the design phase of your project as well as the physical construction. Internal and managed design allows us to build economy into the project from the first sketch, keeping costs low.
We suggest that your first step towards building your new home begin with getting to know a builder. As builders, we understand that there are often times of confusion and concern when trying to put the home building process in order.

Before spending ANY money on plans and drawings, spend 30 minutes with us. Call us at 9829421212 / 9351826850 / 9829051193, email us or visit us anytime. We'll sit down with a cup of coffee and get to know each other!
Where to build your new home is as important as the house itself. There are many different types of property, each with their own uniqueness. When you choose your property keep in mind the neighborhood covenants. We will work closely with you in choosing the right property. Nisha Creatives will gladly visit your prospective land purchase to give advice on the practicality of the building site and help situate the house to make the most of your views and surroundings.

If you already have your property then you are one step ahead. You are ready to go to Step #3!
This step takes the fear out of the question, "am I going to be able to afford this home?" Let’s find out. You probably already have a good idea on the amount of money you are able to spend. Determining this fact, we shall work out the plans to finish out the project, ready to start living.
We will sit with you and an architect to discuss your ideas and dreams and eventually turn those dreams into reality.
Now that you have your builder, your property, your house plans and your financing, you are finally ready to find out how much the house will cost to build.

We will thoroughly review your finalized set of plans. We'll discuss your general ideas on the type of flooring, fixtures, exterior finish, roofing, windows, etc. that make your home unique. After compiling bids from several material vendors and sub contractors, we should have a very good idea on the cost of your new home. We work very hard to give you the best prices we can. We use top quality material and hire only sub contractors that have exceptional workmanship history.

At this time we will present you with our “Cost Breakdown” showing item by item how much it will cost to build your home.

Once we have agreed on a price, we will give you our “Construction Agreement” or “Contract” for you to review. Once reviewed and agreed upon, all parties will sign. Now, you are on your way to having a new home.
You will have a few decisions to make concerning exact paint and stain colors, flooring choices, plumbing and lighting fixtures, etc. We can help you with your choices and direct you to material suppliers for your selections. This is the fun part and it is what makes your home unique.
Nisha Creatives knows the importance of keeping an open communication with our clients. We realize we are not just building a house, we are building a home, your home. The decision to build a home will probably be the biggest and most expensive decision you will ever make. It is our job to make sure your decision becomes a reality with the least amount of effort and stress on your part. Building a new home should be fun and trouble free. We strive to make it.

You can voice any questions or concerns and expect answers quickly. Or if you prefer in-person communication, we can do that too. We encourage you to communicate with us as often as possible.
After the committed duration of delivery, you are about to be new home owner. We hope it has been a wonderful experience for you and your family. Are you ready to do a final walk-through? This step is very important to us. We want everything in the house to be perfect for you. During the final walk-through we want you to point out anything you see that needs to be touched up or is not to your liking. We call this the “final punch list.” Our team will make it on priority to complete each item on the list. Our job is not complete until you are satisfied!
We are finally ready to deliver you, your Dream Home. Once you have the final inspection then you need to release us a “Completion Certificate”. You can start moving in! after settling our all kind of dues.

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